Belgium-based WeWatt is developing the WeBike, a pedal-powered table that generates electricity for devices such as laptops and cell phones -- to be installed in offices, restaurants, or even at home.

Human power is not an efficient means for generating electricity.  But the WeBike is not solely about generating electricity.  The objective of the WeBike is to combine "gentle exercise" (which has been shown to increase productivity) with sustainability and smart energy.

If you work in an office environment, you probably spend a lot of time idle in front of a computer screen.  The WeBike offers a relaxed sweat-free opportunity to exercise "gently" at work.  And while you're at it, charge your computer at the same time!  Each seat generates about 30W of power  and has a LED display indicating available AC power.

The WeBike also embodies sustainable design, using for example waste leather for the seat, waste cedar for the structure, and all concept, design, and manufacturing done locally in Flanders.  Moreover, the pedal-table is made from 30 different components that have been carefully designed to meet Ovam ecological guidelines.

We've already documented the pedal-to-power concept as applied to a gym setting with Green Revolution, and my "energy net-zero" creperie dream definitely envisioned a similar "bike-table" for customers.  But WeBike provides something unique: a simple and effective system that elegantly combines exercise, smart energy, sustainability, and awareness.

The WeBike is commercially available for 9,950€ and has already been installed in Exki restaurants around Belgium.