Ciguë, based in Montreuil - the burgeoning creative suburb of Paris, is a unique architecture collective that explores design through a DIY hands-on process.  Instead of relying primarily on sketches, [the six architects that make up Ciguë] focus on handling and understanding materials, objects, and surroundings to inspire their creations.

Though the collective is not regimented to "eco-conception", the architects privilege the use of natural and local resources and objects that "already have a story".  The result of this leitmotif is an aesthetic that is earthy, rustic, peaceful - and sustainable.



Though Ciguë's collection is not directly or entirely focused on recycling, I am inspired and impressed by the pieces that do reuse waste objects in a way that is creative, unassuming, and natural.

Ciguë furniture can be found at Merci, a concept store (a sort of one-stop aesthetic wonderland!) in Paris.  I'm actually in the process of decorating my new apartment, but while I don't think I can afford Ciguë furniture quite yet, I hope to be inspired by the Ciguë works to just -- do it myself.