Italian artist / ecologist Ivano Vitali combines newspaper recycling and knitting to produce extraordinarily-woven clothing and objects.

Vitali upcycles old newspaper by cutting the newspaper into strips, twisting and overlapping the strips into taut long string pieces which he then rolls into a "newspaper yarn ball" - without the use of dyes nor glue.

With large custom-made knitting needles (up to 8 feet long!), Vitali then weaves the paper yarn into a variety of objects - from dresses to tapestries to chair seats.

Vitali has been using waste paper as a medium for his art since 1995, and he describes the purpose of his work : "My primary aim remains the communication of the ecological message to all the peoples of the earth, because I believe that well being and happiness are dependent upon a respect for the environment, and I am therefore convinced that every person, without exception, must stand for the defense of planet earth against any form of pollution".

Check out more of Vitali's impressive "zero impact global art" on his website.