San Francisco-based Project Frog is a technology company designing and constructing modular "net zero" smart buildings that, compared to traditional buildings, are faster and cheaper to build, consume far less energy, and are designed to create healthy and inspiring environments.

What sets Project Frog apart is its pre-engineered building modules that allow for an accelerated construction cycle of six months, and in some cases like the UGCBC Greenbuild in Boston, six days!  As CEO Anne Hand describes, "it's like a high-quality Ikea building in a kit, but it's hurricane strength".

Key attributes allowing each Project Frog building to be energy efficient and quick to build.

Project Frog's "low-tech assembly" approach is coupled with a "high-tech design" including parametric modeling to customize buildings based on factors such as climate, orientation, occupancy, etc.

Project Frog, beyond considering environmental and cost-effective criteria, also designs to create stimulating and healthy environments.  The company puts a huge focus on natural light, not only for energy savings, but to improve productivity.  Students learn 20% faster in spaces illuminated by natural light and shoppers spend 40% more.  (think of how you feel when you enter an Apple store with its floor-to-ceiling glass windows)

The result?  As compared to traditionally constructed buildings, buildings that generate 1/6 of the on-site waste during construction, are 50% more energy efficient, build 50-75% more quickly, and create inspiring spaces.

Project Frog is a VC-backed company specializing in education, retail, and healthcare buildings.  Each Project Frog building meets LEED criteria and comes with an energy-monitoring system, allowing its occupants to control and optimize energy usage.

Project Frog buildings are energy efficient.  Modular.  Inspiring.  Optimized.  Cheap.  Durable.  And above all, quite beautiful.

Hunter's Point Community Center, San Francisco, CA 
USGBC International Conference and Expo, Boston, MA - constructed in only 6 days!
Watkinson School, Hartford, CT.