Based in Boulder, CO, Simple Energy is developing an online platform that engages consumers to understand their energy usage and compete with their Facebook friends in order to save energy (and money) in a fun and simple way.

The Simple Energy solution meets a four-fold objective, as described on their website:

  • Customer Engagement - Building connections between utilities and their customers.
  • Energy Efficiency - Changing behavior and boosting energy efficiency sign ups.
  • Demand Response - Driving customer load shifting and increasing auto-DR participation.
  • Smart Grid - Providing customers a fun way to understand and interact with the smart grid.

Sounds a lot like Opower.  And similar to Opower, Simple Energy combines behavioral science and game mechanics to engage their customers.  A little competition is a good thing, right?

An interesting tidbit about Simple Energy is that they have Dan Ariely has a scientific advisor.  Dan Ariely was one of my favorite professors at MIT (in 15.301 Managerial Psychology) and an expert in behavioral economics.  I imagine he provides valuable input on how to leverage the irrational behavior of humans in designing Simple Energy's platform.

Simple Energy recently raised $900,000 in funding from angel investors, and if you want to live in Boulder, they are currently hiring!

Sounds like a pretty awesome place to work - pets are encouraged, beer is provided, ski pass included, ... oh yea, and you'd get some equity stake in the company too.

Thanks Lola for the info!