OsmoPure, based in Boston, MA, designs a water filtration cartridge that fits easily into a plastic soda bottle to provide a lightweight and inexpensive solution for access to clean water.

I realize that OsmoPure is neither energy nor recycling related, but a) clean water is interrelated with the energy ecosystem, and b) this product is just so incredibly cool!

1.1 billion people do not have access to clean water.   Imagine now, being able to pour some "dirty" water into a soda bottle, add the OsmoPure filter (which takes out harmful micro-organisms that cause diseases like cholera), and then out comes clean drinkable water.

OsmoPure's primary target market is the developing world facing clean water scarcity, but they also intend to be present in the developed world in disaster-relief situations, where they intend to market the OsmoPure product to organizations like FEMA and the Red Cross to have available supplies for immediate relief.

The OsmoPure product could even also appeal to campers as an easy, inexpensive, and lightweight solution to clean water access while hiking and camping for days at a time.

The OsmoPure filtration cartridge was first manufactured in the basement of the founder, Dave Perry.  But as the cartridge does not require any specialized materials or assembly, the products could be easily manufactured locally to the market needs.

And once again, it's incredibly cheap - we're talking $1-2 per cartridge.  With the current business model, OsmoPure hopes to sell large quantities to disaster relief organizations in the developed world, which will then allow to sell the cartridges at subsidized prices for the developing world.

Awesome product.  Solid business model.  How do I get one already?