Methane Harvest, based in Cambridge, MA, delivers a genius solution for waste water treatment plants which converts the plant's waste into electricity and heating.  Moreover, MH's innovative build-own-operate model provides a risk-free, cheap, local, and clean electricity solution for the plant and the plant's community.

We all know that Watt Now loves anaerobic digesters (processing organic waste to produce methane as fuel), as we've seen with Purpose, Park Spark, Sanergy, and Harvest.

Methane Harvest is another great project integrating the bio-digester concept.  But they doesn't actually build the bio-digesters -

Rather, Methane Harvest leverages the fact that bio-digesters already exist at water treatment plants, and provides on-site Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems that are fueled by the plant's digester methane.

Methane Harvest's Combined Heat and Power system occupies 400ft2 and provides 100% of a plant's heating needs.

Methane Harvest's CHP system can provide 100% of the plant's heat needs and >30% of the electricity needs.

And what's most exciting about Methane Harvest's solution -- is the business model.  Methane Harvest assumes all costs associated with the CHP and in return, contracts with the plant's municipality to purchase electricity generated at below-market rates under a 20-year agreement.

"We build it.  We own it.  We operate it.  You save."

Methane Harvest's model is a creatively-designed Power Purchase Agreement, a model we're starting to see more and more with solar projects, like SolSolution does for solar panels on schools.

Specific application.  Proven technology.  Creative business model.  And local.  Awesome.