Digital Lumens, based in Boston, MA, combines LEDS, networking, and software to create the first Intelligent Lighting System for industrial and commercial customers, reducing lighting energy needs by up to 90%.

Digital Lumens is driving lighting efficiency two-fold through:

  1. Ultra-efficient lighting technology (LEDS), and
  2. Intelligent system management.

I first discovered the magic of LED lighting when I was working in Haiti, where all the solar-powered lamps we were distributing used LED technology as the lamp component.  For instance, Barefoot Power's 15W solar system provides a tube light for room lighting (or "whole-house lighting" in Haiti where houses are typically designed such that the four rooms all share one ceiling) that was only 6W.  And this tube light was much brighter than your typical 60W incandescent bulb.

In fact, I confirmed with the DOE's EERE (Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies) website that LED lights can be 10x more efficient than incandescent lights!

The long tube light (on the left) is only 6 WATTS!

And not only are they more efficient, but LEDS last much longer than incandescent (by a factor of 50) and CFL lights (by a factor of 5), are more compact, are directional, don't contain mercury, and switching them on and off does not ruin LED life-expectancy.

This last point is key for Digital Lumens' second design feature - an intelligent system.  Digital Lumens' system manages when the lights go on, how brightly they shine, how long they stay on, and when they go off.

Digital Lumens' Intelligent Highbay

As Brian Chemel, co-founder and CTO of Digital Lumens puts it in the interview below, its the intelligence management and being able to turn the lights on and off quickly and precisely -- that drives the project payback with Digita Lumens' systems.

Efficient.  Specific.  Smart and quick to implement.  Awesome.  Light the way, Digital Lumens!