top 11 of 2011

For the past 9 months, has documented an inspiring list of cleantech companies.

As we close the year with 92 articles, we look back at the exciting projects and bring you a selection of our favorites.

In no particular order, we present:


Just click on the image to see the article.  And again, this was not an easy choice.

There's so many innovative projects going on around the world - from Konarka's flexible solar to recycled electronics for the developing world by Waste2Watts to RelayRides' peer-to-peer car-sharing program to energy created from beer brewery waste at Purpose Energy, Inc.

Watt Now will be taking a small break from Christmas to New Year's.  What does that mean?  Perfect time to catch up on your energy reading!

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We will be back in 2012 with more fun and exciting cleantech articles.  Plus, in the new year, will be sporting a fresh new look.