I don't have time to write a full article today, but just wanted to share this tag that an artist in NYC is spray painting on sidewalks and buildings.

via Sue Young via BicycleSpace.

On the subject of how awesome bicycles are, I saw "The Lost Interview" last night, an interview with Steve Jobs from 1995, and as Steve so well explained, in terms of how animals rank in terms of locomation efficiency (how much energy exerted / distance traveled),

"the condor won. It was the most efficient. Humankind came in with an unimpressive showing about a third of the way down the list. But somebody there had the brilliance to test a human riding a bicycle. We blew away the condor. Off the charts.

This really had an impact on me. Humans are tool builders. We build tools that can dramatically amplify our innate human abilities. We ran an ad for this once that the personal computer is the bicycle of the mind. I believe that with every bone in my body."

So yea, bikes are awesome.  And bikes make people awesome.