Solarus, located in Stockholm, Sweden, develops an innovative but gorgeously simple solar technology based on a concentrating solar capture technology.

Solarus' technology is designed such that solar energy is absorbed from the top of the PV panel as well as from underneath, using their MaReCo (Maximum Reflection Concentrator) technology, and concentrating the received sunlight by 3.5 times as much as normal PV panels!

The reflector shape is designed to absorb sunlight throughout the day, and in fact, the reflector actually gives the highest efficiency when the sun is low in the sky!

Moreover, the reflector is made from recycled carbon fibers (re. cheap), and that, combined with a design that requires far less of the expensive silicon solar cells, makes the Solarus solar system competitive with fossil fuels.

Solarus produces a 300W standalone rooftop Micro Hybrid System (PV / thermal), enough to power basic lighting and electronic appliances of a small home.  Solarus is actively promoting this product in developing countries where the cost of traditional solar panels is too prohibitive.  The 300W panel is also designed to be scalable and with 8-12 panels, a home (in Sweden) could become energy independent, covering hot water, electricity and room heating.

The Solarus product is simple, resourceful, and practical - in essence, an exemplary innovation of once again, The Blue Economy.