Don't you hate when you print an excel file and you get 1 useful page of cells, and then 10 near-blank pages of random columns that you don't even care about?

Headquartered in Chicago, PrintEco provides a set of plugins for your computer to optimize the content of documents you are printing in order to reduce printing costs - and your carbon footprint.

It may seem minor, but according to a study by Lexmark, 17% of annual company printing is wasteful.  And yes, it's best to avoid printing in the first place, but sometimes you gotta have that paper in front of you.  In that case, ... Don't Just Print.  PrintEco.

It's incredibly cheap too!  For an individual, you get a free trial up to the first 100 pages saved, and then after that it's only $5 for the software.  And the Office version (also ridiculously cheap at $11) includes analytics software so that a company can measure the financial and environmental impact of using PrintEco.

Seriously, if your company is looking for ways to "green" the officespace, I think you can't get a better value in terms of cost-simplicity-effectiveness than PrintEco.

Also, PrintEco recently won "Green Start-Up of the Year" at the Opportunity Green conference in LA on Nov 10/11.

Right on!

Now, please make plugins for Chrome and Safari too.

(for the moment, the plugins are limited to Microsoft Office and Explorer)