This video is simple.  But genius.

Chainwork (Trabajo en cadena) from basurama on Vimeo.

It's brought to you by Basurama, a forum for discussion and reflection on trash, waste and reuse.  Basurama started and is based in Madrid - but it's found its way to Cambridge, MA with TransTrash, a project/exhibition specifically aimed at making waste cycles transparent to the public to enable a more personal social awareness and responsibility.

Check out this rad collaborative map shows waste facilities for Cambridge, MA waste.

Also if you like what you see, you can play around with more of their awesome videos and projects here.  Chainwork is actually an excerpt of a longer video (4 minutes!) called "You throw away almost everything you buy" ("Casi todo lo que compras lo tiras") -- a dual perspective of the life cycle of a plastic bottle.

Casi todo lo que compras lo tiras 2.1 16:9 from basurama on Vimeo.

Love it.