If you travel or move around a lot with your laptop computer, I bet you often find yourself thinking twice about bringing your charger with you ... because it's just so cumbersome.  However, the end is near for clunky power supplies - thanks to OnChip Power!

OnChip Power is an MIT spinoff that is working to significantly reduce the size of power supply systems from "brick" to "quarter".

The technology is based on an innovative VHF switching architecture and in February 2011, OnChip received $1.8 million in venture backing. Wow!

OnChip is focusing on LED bulbs to start - but eventually envisions moving towards power supplies for laptops, printers, and mobile phones - ya know, that are 10x smaller and 20x better.

They were working out of the Dogpatch Labs, a community working space for new startups - but they might have moved out to a bigger space as they were planning to hire more engineers and build an electronics lab.

I need to sign off prematurely - because I opted not to lug my "brick" charger with me today and now I'm running low on battery.

Go figure.