Konarka develops "Power Plastic", a thin and flexible organic photovoltaic technology that can be easily integrated into building materials like curtain walls and windows (which is known as BIPV - building integrated photovoltaics), remote flexible structures like bus stops in San Francisco, or even portable products like tents or backpacks!

Konarka's Power Plastic is based on a photo-reactive polymer material, and though it has a lower efficiency than conventional crystalline silicon solar panels, its low-cost for materials, manufacturing, and maintenance, coupled with on-going research to improve the efficiency allow huge potential for Power Plastics to lead the solar industry.

On top of all that, Power Plastic is the only thin-film PV technology that uses all recyclable materials!

Either Konarka has an extremely convincing marketing team - or Solar Plastic really does have huge potential (I think it's the latter).  Visit Konarka's website and read about the progress of the technology and the interesting projects they're working on.

Konarka is based in Lowell, MA with offices in Germany and Japan.