Amonix, based in Southern California, is the world-leader of concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) commercial solar power systems.

In the solar industry, there are CSP (concentrated solar power) systems.  And PV (photovoltaic) systems.  What happens when you combine the two?  That's right, CPV (though CSPV would've been a logical guess).

Basically, solar power requires two steps - 1) collecting the sun's energy, and 2) converting that energy into electricity.

Amonix's CPV systems optimize these two functions by combining the simplicity and competitiveness of CSP systems (concentrator optics) and the efficiency and performance of PV cells.

Moreover, Amonix's dual-axis tracking follows the sun's intensity throughout the day to maximize energy production.

Amonix's systems are pedestal-mounted, minimizing the impact on the local environment.

 Amonix's systems are most competitive in sunny and dry climates (their projects today are mainly situated in the desert Southwest in the US and Spain), and in addition to the systems having the highest efficiencies in solar technologies, the Amonix systems require no water in power production, use land more efficiently, and deploy easily (installations can be done in a matter of hours).

A comparison of CPV efficiencies to other solar solutions