BigBelly Solar promotes energy efficiency in waste collection with an "intelligent waste collection system" based on solar-powered compacting trash and recycling bins.

The BigBelly solar compactors have sensors to detect when it will be desirable for "pick up" following multiple cycles of compaction at which point it sends a message through the CLEAN notification system, essentially calling to say "I'm full- time to empty me", greatly optimizing waste collection and associated costs.

In 2009-2010, Philadelphia installed 1,000 BigBelly solar compactors, and for Earth Month this year, Mural Arts Big Picture artists worked with students to decorate and convert 50 compactors into "Litter Critters" .

A BigBelly solar compactor and recycling kyosk :

Now, decorated as a "litter critter" in Philly :

Thanks to Emily via Facebook Newsfeed for the tip. :)