To kickoff Watt Now, I will start with the project Humdinger.

A simple and elegant concept based on "aerolastic flutter", that harnesses energy from the wind (by creating a flutter oscillation on a tensioned membrane) and converts the flutter to electricity through new types of linear generators.

The Humdinger technology can respond to different level of power needs, including the "micro energy" market.  In other words, a "micro Humdinger" can generate "micro energy" for devices that require very small amounts of power, such as wireless sensor nodes for example in "Smart Buildings" which require a large number of low-powered sensors.  Humdinger’s "microBelt" provides robust, clean, cheap, and sustainable replacement to batteries if placed next to natural wind flows (i.e. vents of a building).

Thank you Jordan (one of the founders) for enlightening me to this cool tool.