PrintEco. Cut down on carbon emissions, not trees.

November 23, 2011 in Efficiency

Don’t you hate when you print an excel file and you get 1 useful page of cells, and then 10 near-blank pages of random columns that you don’t even care about?

Headquartered in Chicago, PrintEco provides a set of plugins for your computer to optimize the content of documents you are printing in order to reduce printing costs – and your carbon footprint.

It may seem minor, but according to a study by Lexmark, 17% of annual company printing is wasteful.  And yes, it’s best to avoid printing in the first place, but sometimes you gotta have that paper in front of you.  In that case, … Don’t Just Print.  PrintEco.

It’s incredibly cheap too!  For an individual, you get a free trial up to the first 100 pages saved, and then after that it’s only $5 for the software.  And the Office version (also ridiculously cheap at $11) includes analytics software so that a company can measure the financial and environmental impact of using PrintEco.

Seriously, if your company is looking for ways to “green” the officespace, I think you can’t get a better value in terms of cost-simplicity-effectiveness than PrintEco.

Also, PrintEco recently won “Green Start-Up of the Year” at the Opportunity Green conference in LA on Nov 10/11.

Right on!

Now, please make plugins for Chrome and Safari too.

(for the moment, the plugins are limited to Microsoft Office and Explorer)