Ford with SunPower. Let the sun in.

Did you hear? Ford revealed its new Ford C-Max Solar Energi concept car at CES 2014 ; a car equipped

SunFunder. Invest in Solar Energy. Light up the World.

SunFunder, based in San Francisco, is  a social enterprise building a crowdfunding platform for in

Canopea at the Solar Decathlon 2012

I will be at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 tomorrow, supporting the Canopea project which has inte

Peppermint’s Forty2. The solar microgrid – made portable and accessible.

Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Peppermint Clean Energy is a cleantech startup developing the

The Solar Pocket Factory. Micro-solar manufacturing that is better, cheaper, and local.

From some of the same guys that brought Humdinger (micro-wind) and B-Squares (portable solar), com

Mera Gao Micro Grid Power. Solar-powered network systems for rural off-grid villages.

The world’s off-grid population – who are also the world’s poorest – not onl

Eight19. Transforming lives with flexible solar technology.

Cambridge, UK-based Eight19 combines an innovative technology (organic solar PV) and an innovative

Solar Impulse. The revenge of Icarus.

I was inspired to approach the topic of low-carbon travel, after reading Sustainable Energy –

BrightSource Energy. A future for CSP?

When you hear solar power, you’re probably thinking photovoltatics (PV) .  In fact, all but o

SolarCity. Make the switch to better energy.

Founded in 2006 in San Mateo, California, the rockstar company SolarCity provides (among many offe

3-D Solar. Up to 20x more power than flat panels.

Numerous companies – 1366, Bandgap, Twin Creeks, and more – are striving to optimize sol

SolarFuel. Smart Energy Conversion.

SolarFuel, a Stuttgart, Germany-based startup, is developing a Power-to-Gas (P2G) technology which c

Brite Solar. The future is Brite.

Brite Solar, based in Athens, Greece, is developing 3rd generation photovoltaic technology to produc

Twin Creeks Technologies. A new era in thin crystalline wafers.

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the San Jose-based “stealth” solar company

ReVolt House. Energy adaptive floating unit.

The ReVolt House is a rotating and floating solar home, designed by a team from the Delft Universi

Do The Bright Thing. Shop your way to a sustainable solar future.

Imagine you order a camera or a new book online, and several days later, you find out that your purc

Solaire 2G. 2 in 1 solar.

Solaire 2G, based in Marseille, France, is developing  a novel and patented dual-purpose solar pane

Wysips. What you see is photovoltaic surface.

Wysips, based in Lambesc, a small village in the South of France, is developing a transparent solar

Alion, Inc. Solar cells manufactured by acoustic printing.

Based in Richmond, CA, Alion is a stealth solar company using acoustic printing techniques to manufa

Solarus. Unlocking solar energy.

Solarus, located in Stockholm, Sweden, develops an innovative but gorgeously simple solar technology

Bandgap Engineering. Nanowire-enhanced solar cells.

Bandgap Engineering‘s innovative nano-siliconTM technology combines low-cost processing and i

LuminAID. An inflatable solar light.

Incubated at Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture, the LuminAID solar lamp is an ultra-

1366 Technologies. Solar manufacturing for the 21st century.

If you know anything about the solar industry (which is likely more than I do), you’ve probabl

NOKERO and Enèji Pwòp. Bringing solar-powered light to rural Haiti.

The staff of Watt Now is finally back from Haiti! And we’ve got lots of exciting projects to r

Solar One. Green Energy, Arts, and Education Center.

I truly believe that the local community is a powerful platform for change.  And that’s why I

Sol Design Lab. Progressive solutions for urban sustainability.

Austin, Texas-based Sol Design Lab hits the street and brings people together with projects that co

EchoFirst Inc. Solar energy is good. Echo makes it even better.

EchoFirst optimizes your solar home system by using your standard PV panels to generate both electri

QGEN. Hybrid solutions for optimized power and water production.

QGEN is developing utility-scale solar hybrid power plants and water desalination plants to own and

Amonix. Powering the future NOW.

Amonix, based in Southern California, is the world-leader of concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) commerc

SolSolution. Clean energy for education.

SolSolution is a non-profit organization that cleverly uses the for-profit Power Purchasing Agreeme


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