The Cineroleum. Film’er up!

With a mere budget of 6,500£, a collective of artists, designers, and architects transformed an aba

Ciguë. A second [and much more aesthetically pleasing] life for objects.

Ciguë, based in Montreuil – the burgeoning creative suburb of Paris, is a unique architectur

TinkerToys. E-waste to e-toys.

Designer/engineer Dhairya Dand is the brain behind ThinkerToys, an open-source project to recycle a

Newspaper knitting. Zero impact global art.

Italian artist / ecologist Ivano Vitali combines newspaper recycling and knitting to produce extrao

COCO-MAT. Sleep on nature.

COCO-MAT, based in Athens, Greece, makes idyllic mattresses using 100% natural raw materials from su

Gobi. The new way to drink water.

Based in Paris, France, Gobilab has recently commercialized the Gobi, an ergonomic, eco-friendly,  

Greenbean Recycle. What’s your impact?

Greenbean Recycle, located in Somerville, MA, creates physical networks of “recycling machines

TerraCycle. Outsmart waste.

TerraCycle, based in Trenton, NJ, is a for-profit company that upcycles and recycles traditionally n

Recyclebank. Be green. And get rewarded for it.

Recyclebank, based in NYC, partners with hundreds of companies worldwide (including Coca Cola, Kashi

Clivus New England. Protect and conserve water and soil.

Clivus New England is the industry leader in composting waste treatment and greywater technologies.

Free Geek. Recycle computer technology.

Electronic waste.  A vast topic, issue, disaster, pile of dangerous shit – whatever you want

Chainwork. A side by side video of product vs. waste flow.

This video is simple.  But genius. Chainwork (Trabajo en cadena) from basurama on Vimeo. It’s

Trash Talkin! My visit to the recycling facility.

Trash… unites us.  It doesn’t discriminate.  It’s something we all have to deal

Green Grease Monkey. Vegetable fueled vehicle systems and more.

What do you do with leftover cooking oil?  You can’t throw it down the drain.  You’re

Harvest Power. The new generation in organics management.

Organic waste makes up 14% of total waste generated in the US.  What if we could convert all that w

PaperFlops. Flip flops and sandals made from recycled newspaper.

PaperFlops employs underprivileged people, including street children and disabled people, at a crea

Lingerie soundproofing

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old bras? You can’t put them in the recycling bin


Art meets recycling. And anger management.

Sanergy. Building Sustainable Sanitation in Urban Slums.

Sanergy was started by a group of MIT grads – a mix of MBAs, engineers, and designers –

What the people at the recycling center think of me


Preserve. Nothing Wasted. Everything Gained.

On the topic of recycling plastics (see previous post), I recently discovered Preserve, a Boston-bas

plastic bags are not recyclable!

Well, in France at least (I will try to find out if it’s the same for other places). I’v

Purpose Energy, Inc.

Reduce waste.  Create energy.  Cut costs.  And finally, make beer. Purpose Energy converts brewer


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