energy storage

Highview Power Storage. Energy storage through cryogenic fluids.

Highview Power Storage is a London-based startup developing a frozen air (or “liquid air̶

Pavegen. Renewable energy from footsteps.

London-based Pavegen builds energy-harvesting tiles based on a hybrid piezoelectric technology that

Sadoway’s “dirt cheap” battery. A solution for grid-scale renewables?

Grid-scale adoption of renewables requires energy storage.  Cheap energy storage. For instance, th

SolarFuel. Smart Energy Conversion.

SolarFuel, a Stuttgart, Germany-based startup, is developing a Power-to-Gas (P2G) technology which c

LightSail Energy. Regenerative Air Energy Storage.

LightSail Energy, headquartered in Berkeley, CA, is developing an innovative Compressed Air Energy S

Eos. Power the dawn of energy storage.

Eos, based in Easton, PA, is developing a game-changing low-cost, rechargeable zinc-air battery sto

Better Place. Accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation.

Better Place is developing a multi-faceted infrastructure to support and ease the expansion of the e

A123. Game changing energy storage solutions.

A123, an MIT spinoff with headquarters in Watertown, MA, produces advanced Nanophosphate® lithium

EGG-energy. Building the Portable Grid.

EGG-energy is a for-profit social enterprise, targeting the off-grid market in Tanzania to provide

OnChip Power. Bringing integration to power electronics.

If you travel or move around a lot with your laptop computer, I bet you often find yourself thinking

General Compression. Expanding clean power.

General Compression is a Newton, MA-based company that has developed a energy system that makes avai


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