ATDynamics. Making trucks more fuel-efficient.

Are you worried about your car having a low gas mileage?  Now think about a freight truck – w

Loochi – more than a smart lamp!

Loochi, brought to you by TBIdeas based in Santa Cruz, CA, is the first Bluetooth4 smart lamp that a

Canopea at the Solar Decathlon 2012

I will be at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 tomorrow, supporting the Canopea project which has inte

Pavegen. Renewable energy from footsteps.

London-based Pavegen builds energy-harvesting tiles based on a hybrid piezoelectric technology that

Marché sur l’eau. Local food baskets – delivered by boat.

Marché sur l’eau (“Market on the Water”, or “Walk on Water” cleverly

WeBike. Wheel to feel it.

Belgium-based WeWatt is developing the WeBike, a pedal-powered table that generates electricity for

ideabox. the right amount of everything.

ideabox, based in Salem, Oregon, is a prefab housing design studio that builds modular homes that ar

Wonderbag. Eco-cooking that’s changing lives.

South African-based Natural Balance has produced the Wonderbag, an insulated (and funky) “cook

Voltalis’ BluePod. Another way to think energy.

Voltalis is small French startup installing smart “Bluepods” in French homes for free th

ReVolt House. Energy adaptive floating unit.

The ReVolt House is a rotating and floating solar home, designed by a team from the Delft Universi

WattImpact. Green energy solutions for the web.

WattValue, based in Paris, France, is a small startup with offices at La Ruche, the inspiring and e

ThinkEco. Presenting the Modlet, the “Modern Outlet”.

Based in New York City, ThinkEco has developed the patent-pending Modlet (“modern outlet̶

Econofy. Before you buy, econofy.

Econofy is a web application that helps online shoppers find efficient products and determine how m

Gobi. The new way to drink water.

Based in Paris, France, Gobilab has recently commercialized the Gobi, an ergonomic, eco-friendly,  

Project Frog. Smart building? Try genius building.

San Francisco-based Project Frog is a technology company designing and constructing modular “

GreenShields. Saving the planet, one bus at a time.

GreenShields, based just outside of Chicago in Highland Park, IL, is a project to retrofit tradition

Switch Lighting. Savings that will light you up.

Lighting, based in San Jose, CA, fabricates LED lightbulbs that effectively produce soft, warm light

Simple Energy. Making saving energy social, fun and simple.

Based in Boulder, CO, Simple Energy is developing an online platform that engages consumers to unde

The Nest Learning Thermostat. Programs itself. Keeps you comfortable. Saves energy when you’re away.

Nest Labs, based in Palo Alto, CA, designed The Nest Learning Thermostat, a simple and intelligent t

Digital Lumens. Intelligent lighting systems.

Digital Lumens, based in Boston, MA, combines LEDS, networking, and software to create the first Int

PrintEco. Cut down on carbon emissions, not trees.

Don’t you hate when you print an excel file and you get 1 useful page of cells, and then 10 ne

Better Place. Accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation.

Better Place is developing a multi-faceted infrastructure to support and ease the expansion of the e

Opower. A new experience for utility customers.

Opower is an energy efficiency software company that partners with utilities (57 to date) to provid

RelayRides. Neighbor-to-Neighbor Carsharing.

RelayRides connects people who need a car with their neighbors who own a car, in order to borrow th

FirstFuel. Building Energy Analytics.

FirstFuel‘s “zero-touch” software provides an extremely fast and simple approach t

EchoFirst Inc. Solar energy is good. Echo makes it even better.

EchoFirst optimizes your solar home system by using your standard PV panels to generate both electri

XL Hybrids. Green your fleet.

XL Hybrids, based in Somerville, MA, has developed a technology to convert existing conventional veh

La Petite Reine. Delivery solutions for the city.

There’s so many cool things you can do with pedaling power.  Like power a school bus.  Or ch

The Green Revolution, Inc.

I think anyone that has spent at least 20 minutes at the gym has wondered, “can’t we con

Qurrent. The community energy company.

Like SolaRoad, Qurrent is a Netherlands-based company – is it just me, or is the Netherlands a


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