biotech / biofuels

BioLite. Energy everywhere.

Brooklyn-based BioLite has developed a cookstove technology that provides heat and electricity, fuel

Fermentalg. CO2-absorbing algae street lamp.

Based just outside of Bordeaux, France, biotech Fermentalg is designing a groundbreaking street la

Bio Architecture Lab. Renewable fuels and chemicals from seaweed.

Bio Architecture Lab (BAL), based in Berkeley, CA, has developed an enzyme to effectively breakdown

LanzaTech. Leading the way in carbon re-use technology.

Auckland, New Zealand-based LanzaTech converts waste carbon monoxide (from steel mills, oil refine

Vegawatt. Power your restaurant with waste vegetable oil.

Vegawatt, located in Boylston, MA, provides restaurants with an on-site combined heat and power (CHP

Methane Harvest. Lower costs. Sustainable energy.

Methane Harvest, based in Cambridge, MA, delivers a genius solution for waste water treatment plants

Novomer. Catalyzing green chemistry.

Novomer converts waste CO2 and CO into valuable plastics.  Pretty awesome, right?     &n

Joule Unlimited. Liquid fuel from the sun.

Joule Unlimited‘s Helioculture technology directly transforms waste CO2 and sunlight into eth

Green Grease Monkey. Vegetable fueled vehicle systems and more.

What do you do with leftover cooking oil?  You can’t throw it down the drain.  You’re

Harvest Power. The new generation in organics management.

Organic waste makes up 14% of total waste generated in the US.  What if we could convert all that w

Border Green Energy Team. Using sustainability as a model for development.

The Border Green Energy Team (BGET) was founded in 2005 and brings renewable energy and sustainable

Sanergy. Building Sustainable Sanitation in Urban Slums.

Sanergy was started by a group of MIT grads – a mix of MBAs, engineers, and designers –

The Power of Dog Poop

The Park Spark Project was started by conceptual artist Matthew Mazzotta interested in exploring the

Purpose Energy, Inc.

Reduce waste.  Create energy.  Cut costs.  And finally, make beer. Purpose Energy converts brewer


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