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3-D Solar. Up to 20x more power than flat panels.

April 8, 2012 in Solar

Numerous companies – 1366, Bandgap, Twin Creeks, and more – are striving to optimize solar cell efficiency or manufacturing to bring down solar costs. Regardless of the innovative process, the end-result is generally the same: a flat panel that is fixed on a rooftop or other surface. A team of researchers at MIT is considering […]

ThinkEco. Presenting the Modlet, the “Modern Outlet”.

February 13, 2012 in Efficiency

Based in New York City, ThinkEco has developed the patent-pending Modlet (“modern outlet”), an intelligent outlet that optimizes energy use of electronic appliances. Standby power is wasted electricity consumed by electronic appliances when they are switched off, amounting to about 5-10% of residential electricity use.  Think about your television.  Or your desktop computer.  Or your coffee machine. […]