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  1. Tom Adamson says:

    If you ever make it back to Haiti you should come and see us. We have developed a couple of innovative distribution models working with a major micro-credit institution, Fonkoze, that has allowed us to sell over 18,000 solar systems in rural Haiti this year.


  2. Tom,
    Still couldn’t find a website about the solar items you mentioned (names, prices etc) so please let me know? I gave up.

    I am, however, very interested in your company and I hope we’ll have a few moments to talk when I come, or on my next visit (Feb/March)

  3. Michael Colitti says:

    Does anyone know what is the water loss in the rest of the industrialized world? In the United States the water loss from the reservoir to local treatment plant before being sent to everyones home is 1/3 of the water traveling in those pipes. Is the rest of the inndustrialized world as bad? My understanding is that water loss is nonrecoverable. The city of Ur repeating itself on a far grander scale.

  4. JuNyung,Choi says:

    Dear sir,

    We are competent trader in South Korea having effective network in consumer market mainly focusing on health&beauty products.
    These days, our company comes to have high interest in all natural sleeping materials, and your company seems one of the best candidate to co-operate with.
    We are willing to present this concept for baby or kids first, then want to spread out for the adults next.
    Two products we intend to bring are kids’ playmat and bedding mattress.
    Even we are not technical expert, our idea is to make these rather simple-i.e. composition of coco-mat+wools on top covered by 100% natural fabric of good skin touch.
    Of course, playmat is going with thinner than sleeping one, and you may know well how to optimize one and the other.
    I suppose some sort of binder need to be used in coco mat or to put wools on it, which seems one of concern in terms of bad odor and all natural concept.

    We are earnest to drive this project, so that please give us feedback with your sincere advice.

    Look forward to your reply.

    Best Regards,

    C.E.O/Blucell Ltd

  5. Hi – Great to see your daily ramblings.

    We analyse data from buildings to establish saving potential, and also blog on on themes as diverse as “Energy Saving Con-tricks” to how to get the best performance from recovered heat.

    Would love you to drop by and maybe we could host a guest post for you 🙂

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