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Fermentalg. CO2-absorbing algae street lamp.

May 30, 2012 in Biotech/ Biofuels, Carbon capture

Based just outside of Bordeaux, France, biotech Fermentalg is designing a groundbreaking street lamp that absorbs enormous amounts of CO2, over 150-200 times more than a tree — using microalgae. French biochemist Pierre Calleja founded Fermentalg in 2009 to exploit the wonders of microalgae for many applications from fuel to health to the fishing industry. The microalgae street […]

LanzaTech. Leading the way in carbon re-use technology.

January 18, 2012 in Biotech/ Biofuels, Carbon capture

Auckland, New Zealand-based LanzaTech converts waste carbon monoxide (from steel mills, oil refineries, chemical plants, etc) into ethanol and high-value chemicals using proprietary gas fermentation microbes.  A two-fold miracle worker – 1. creating value out of waste, and 2. reducing co2 emissions. The LanzaTech process centers around its patented, wholly-owned microbe, categorized as a WHO-risk 1 organism […]

Novomer. Catalyzing green chemistry.

November 15, 2011 in Biotech/ Biofuels, Carbon capture

Novomer converts waste CO2 and CO into valuable plastics.  Pretty awesome, right?       To break it down, plastics are simply polymers of carbon and hydrogen.  Traditionally, they are manufactured almost entirely from fossil fuels, which is probably something we don’t think about. In contrast, Novomer’s innovative technology combines traditional feedstock with up to 50% […]

Joule Unlimited. Liquid fuel from the sun.

September 28, 2011 in Biotech/ Biofuels, Carbon capture

Joule Unlimited‘s Helioculture technology directly transforms waste CO2 and sunlight into ethanol and diesel fuels.  No need for biomass feedstocks, agricultural land, or fresh water.  Nor energy-intensive biomass transformative processes.  Just some really high-tech microorganisms. Sounds a bit sci-fi.  But the reality is here.  Well more accurately, in Leander, Texas where Joule has built its pilot plant. […]