1BOG: The Greener Way to Get There

October 27, 2011 in Transportation

Every wednesday, One Block Off the Grid publishes an awesome infographic about energy.

I thought this infographic on traveling and the greenest way to get somewhere in terms of pounds of CO2 emitted per trip – car, bus, train, or airplane – was particularly informative.

I am however, a bit confused about the emissions associated with taking a plane.  They seem very low — to go across the country from NYC to Los Angeles, flying is less pollutant than taking a train?

I always thought flying was by far the least green way of getting somewhere.  This article does a similar transport comparison with results which are pretty consistent with the infographic – except for the airplane emissions (the article says ~2,500 lbs CO2 from NYC to San Francisco).  Any thoughts?  Maybe I’ll contact 1BOG about this.