Ford with SunPower. Let the sun in.

January 8, 2014 in Solar, Transportation

Did you hear?

Ford revealed its new Ford C-Max Solar Energi concept car at CES 2014 ; a car equipped with 300W of semi-flexible rooftop solar (Sunpower) that can run quasi-entirely on solar charging without need to draw energy from the electric grid.

C-MAX Solar Energi back

The innovation in the system lies not only in the high-efficiency solar panels but also a unique charging station composed of solar concentrator and sun-tracking technology that allows to charge the car’s battery in one day (as opposed to one week if the solar panels worked alone!).


The canopy structure contains Fresnal lenses to ┬áconcentrate the sun’s energy on the panels, and moreover, the car is actually programmed to inch backward and forward to track the sun throughout the day!

For the moment, the C-Max Solar Energi remains a “concept car” (clocking in a mere 21 electric-only miles per charge), but hopefully the project will kick other car companies into gear for other exciting solar-powered transport innovations.